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  • Rye Middle School (RMS) offers a rich learning environment that supports the academic performance, personal development and social growth of 819 students in grades 6 - 8 in Rye, NY.  The school’s organization, curriculum, pedagogy and programs are based on the developmental readiness, needs and interests of our students.  RMS administration, faculty and staff are committed to a comprehensive, shared vision of a school culture that includes:

    • Educators who value working with this age group and are prepared to do so
    • Courageous, collaborative leadership
    • A shared vision that guides decisions
    • An inviting, supportive, and safe environment
    • High expectations for every member of the learning community
    • Students and teachers engaged in active learning
    • Adult advocates for every student

     We provide:

    • Curriculum that is relevant, challenging, integrative and exploratory
    • Multiple learning and teaching approaches that respond to their diversity
    • Assessment and evaluations programs that promote quality learning
    • Organizational structures that support meaningful relationships and learning
    • School-wide efforts and policies that foster health, wellness, and safety
    • Multifaceted guidance and support services *

    In addition to the challenging academic programs and the rich array of electives, RMS offers a broad range of after school clubs and intramural sports.

    RMS appreciates the partnership it has with the Parent Organization and is grateful for the support it provides, from funding programs to parents volunteering time at special events.

    Thank you for visiting our home page.  Please explore our website for a more complete profile of our school.

    * This We Believe:  Keys to Educating Your Adolescents (NMSA 2010)

District News

  • RCSD Community Update: 1/14/22

    Late in the afternoon this Tuesday, the Westchester County Department of Health announced that it had at long last adopted the CDC’s recommendations to shorten quarantine/isolation for unvaccinated/exposed and COVID-positive students from 10 days to 5 days providing they are symptom-free. We contacted the families of almost 300 students on Wednesday to check on their symptoms and confirm their positive test dates/onset of symptoms in order to clear them for return to school. Approximately 150 students were able to return to school on Thursday. I recognize that for many parents having to wait another day was difficult, but we are required by the Department of Health to individually clear students for return to school.

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  • Student Quarantine/Isolation Reduced to Five Days by DOH: 1/11/22

    We have just received word from the Westchester County Department of Health that they have accepted the CDC’s recommendation to reduce isolation and quarantine for students from 10 to 5 days, given certain conditions are met. They are as follows:

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  • Scheduling Process for 6th and 7th Graders (2022-2023)

    It’s hard to believe that it is already time to start the scheduling process for the 2022-23 school year. Ms. Caine (the 6th-grade Guidance Counselor) and Ms. Farewell (the 7th-grade Guidance Counselor) have created informational videos to guide parents and students through the scheduling process. After watching the video with your child, please complete the grade-level course selection form together.

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  • RCSD Community Update: 1/7/22

    I hope everyone enjoyed the snow day. Unlike Wednesday’s ice storm, Mother Nature really delivered on the good stuff today. Many people know I am a huge fan of the old-fashioned snow day. Everyone deserves a day off to build snow people, hit the hills on a sled, or merely lounge around in PJs eating pancakes and looking at the beautiful scene outside. Our children have had a lot taken away from them these past two years; I hope today brought them some simple joy.

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  • Quarantine Clarification Information: 1/3/22

    We’ve received a number of questions from parents about the rules regarding quarantine, and I hope this message will provide additional clarity. We understand that some local urgent care clinics are telling parents of COVID-positive students that they may return to school after 5 days of quarantine; this is NOT the case. The CDC has said that 5 days is sufficient but this has NOT yet been adopted by New York State or the County Department of Health with regard to students. We must legally continue to abide by a 10-day quarantine for students.

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  • Welcome Back Message from Dr. Byrne: 1/2/22

    Happy New Year! I hope those of you who were celebrating had a good holiday and all had an enjoyable winter break. For many families, COVID once again interrupted plans either due to illness or exposure, the struggle to access tests, or flight cancellations. While 2021 ended with a slew of challenges and a surge in cases, I believe there is cause for optimism as the severity of the Omicron variant seems to be significantly less than previous variants. As a community we must work together to keep everyone safe and continue to provide the best instructional program for our children. We must be calm, patient and work together as we move past these latest challenges.

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  • RCSD Community Update: 12/23/21

    I want to wish you all a very safe, very happy winter recess, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year. Wherever you may go (or stay), I hope you are able to spend time with loved ones, doing what you love, and taking some time to unwind, unpack, and recharge as we bid farewell to 2021. The last few weeks have been challenging with the surge of COVID cases and I am so appreciative to our school nurses and administrators who have been on the front lines, communicating with families, answering lots of questions, and keeping us moving forward. I am also grateful to our faculty and staff for their flexibility and creativity in supporting students be it in person or remotely. It has not been an easy two years for anyone, but I am so grateful to my colleagues for their professionalism and commitment to the children and families of Rye. I am optimistic that we will return to school in 2022 and finally put this pandemic behind us.

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  • RCSD December Superintendent's Bulletin

    Please read the December Superintendent's Bulletin here.

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  • RCSD Community Update: 12/17/21

    All was well at the schools today. I want to thank the Rye PD for their increased presence and our school security team for being extra-visible which helped to calm jittery nerves. There was no threat to the Rye schools at any point, but I appreciate the support of our local law enforcement officials.

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