Academic Eligibility Requirements


    The Board of Education recognizes the educational value of student participation in extracurricular activities and strives to provide a well-balanced program of activities (athletic and clubs/organizations/theater) which will respond to a variety of student interests and needs. 38 For the purposes of this regulation, the following definition applies: A day (24 hours) refers to a participation day, not a school day. A participation day is any day that an activity is meeting, practicing, performing or playing and may be a regular school day, a vacation day, a holiday or a weekend day. Most weekend activity is scheduled for Saturday; however, if a practice or competition/performance is rescheduled for Sunday, then that becomes a participation day in lieu of Saturday. If a game or performance is scheduled for Saturday and postponed to Sunday and coach/advisor holds a practice or team meeting on Saturday, the student’s ineligibility will still carry over to Sunday.

    To implement Board Policy 5275, the following three standards for eligibility must be met by students in order for them to participate in extracurricular activities.

    1.  Maintain a Full Schedule

    A student is expected to carry a program of five classes (or the equivalent), plus physical education. The student is expected to be in regular attendance in all of his or her classes for the marking period.

    If a student has a confirmed unexcused absence from school and/or class, the student shall be declared ineligible for five days. If the school attendance or class attendance problem persists, the administration shall declare the student ineligible to participate in activities, clubs, and athletics for the remainder of the marking period.

    2.  Maintain Standards for Academic Performance

    Academic eligibility is based on quarter grades, not semester or final grades.

    Students who achieve a minimum of a 70% average in all subjects and pass all subjects are academically eligible to fully participate in all activities, clubs, and athletics.

    If a student has a MINIMUM QUARTERLY G.P.A. OF 70% and is failing one course only and the student’s initial failure in that course is at the end of marking periods one, two, and three, the student will be ineligible for participation in extracurricular activities (clubs, activities, athletics) for a minimum of five days from the date of report card distribution. During this period of ineligibility, the student is responsible for developing an Achievement Plan with the assistance and the approval of the teacher whose course was failed and the approval of the student’s advisor/coach. At the High School, involvement in the Academic Intervention Program is a required part of maintaining eligibility once the plan is approved.

    When an IDEA or Section 504 student is in jeopardy of failing to meet minimum grade requirements, the Principal or his/her designee shall convene a meeting of the Eligibility Committee. This meeting will be held to determine if the failure is a manifestation of the student’s disability. If the failure is related to the student’s disability a referral shall be made to the Committee on Special Education [CSE] or Section 504 for a potential program modification. In addition, the Eligibility Committee will determine eligibility for participation. If the "Eligibility Committee" decides that the disability does not affect academic performance, the student will remain ineligible.

    The goal of the Achievement Plan is to provide direction for the student in identifying what needs to be accomplished to pass the course. The Achievement Plan will contain the following information: i. Reasons for failure ii. A plan for addressing or overcoming those reasons. iii. Steps explaining how improvement will be achieved. iv. Signatures of all parties involved (Student, Parent, Teacher, Coach/Advisor, TC Representative, and Assistant Principal)

    After the teacher and advisor/coach approve, the approved Achievement Plan must be endorsed by the Assistant Principal. The student must make an appointment with the Assistant Principal to discuss and submit the Achievement Plan in order for a student’s eligibility to be restored after the five-day period. Failure to submit an Achievement Plan within the five day ineligibility period or lack of adherence to the elements of the Achievement Plan, will cause the student to be declared ineligible for the remainder of the marking period.

    All students who submit Achievement Plans will have their performance reviewed at midquarter. At that time, if the teacher whose course was failed indicates that the student is currently passing the course, the student will remain eligible until the next report card (but the student must continue to attend the Tutoring Center or X-Period assignment until the end of the quarter or beyond, or earn a minimum grade of “C” in the course that was failed). However, if at the mid-quarter review, the student continues to be failing, he/she will become ineligible for the balance of the marking period and, of course, continue to attend the Tutoring Center or X-Period assignment for academic support.

    A student who fails two or more courses in one quarter is automatically ineligible for participation in activities, clubs, and athletics for the following quarter, and the student will be required to attend the Tutoring Center.

    Fourth Quarter/Final Grades - Students who have a minimum of a 70% GPA and who fail a course in the fourth quarter but pass the course for the year shall maintain their eligibility for the following September. Students who fail course(s) for the year are encouraged to attend summer school to make up the failure(s). If a student starts the new school year with only one failure, then the student can complete an Achievement Plan outlined above, and remain eligible.

    A student carrying one failure into the next school year but not continuing on in that course sequence shall be placed on probation for the first marking period. The student can be assigned to the Tutoring Center and also complete an Achievement Plan depending on the course failed.

    Any student carrying a failure from the previous year who is failing at the mid-point of the first quarter of the following year in the same course or in a related subject area, shall be ineligible until the first quarter report card is distributed. At this point, the procedure begins again for the first, second and third quarters.

    3.  Maintain Standards for School Citizenship

    Students who regularly follow school rules and regulations shall be eligible to fully participate in activities, clubs, and athletics. Students who do not obey school rules and regulations, as defined in the Board Policies and Student Handbook Regulations, shall be ineligible for participation in activities and/or athletics.

    If a student is assigned to in-school suspension or is suspended from school, he or she shall be ineligible for the length of the in-school or out-of-school suspension. Additional violations of school rules and regulations causing suspension shall result in students being declared ineligible for the duration of the marking period, semester or for the year, depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

    Students who do not obey school rules and regulations as defined by this Handbook and in the following Board Policies, may also be ineligible for participation in activities and /or athletics.


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