Osborn Recess Program

  • Group photo of students at recess

    The Osborn Recess Program provides students with 30 minutes each day to socialize with grade-level peers, compete in various sports, and use their imagination to create their own games. The students are supervised by school aides and the YMCA sports staff during recess to ensure student safety and to help students find an engaging activity at recess. Osborn is thankful for the support of our PTO in their funding of materials for our recess program, such as games, educational materials, sidewalk chalk, the YMCA sports staff and various other gifts that enhance our student’s opportunities to play and socialize with their peers. 

    Options at recess include (but are not limited to) the following and change according to grade level:


    • Wall ball
    • Soccer
    • Football 
    • Basketball
    • Nerf Hockey
    • Kickball
    • Bear Trail


    • Hopscotch 
    • Foursquare
    • Jump rope
    • Tag
    • Blocks 

    Free Play

    • Playground
    • Student-created games
    • Reading
    • Building blocks

    Indoor Recess

    • MakerSpace
    • Board Games
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Indoor Sports (PE games, Go Noodle movement games, etc.)
    • Computer Coding
    • Movie (Eyewitness educational episodes)