After-School Clubs

  • By registering your child, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below.
    About After-School Clubs
    The Osborn PTO has partnered with Flex to manage an after school club program in the fall, winter, and spring, offering a variety of fun and educational activities for students.  All clubs are held at the school and are taught by teachers, aides, parents and other professionals. Most clubs are held after school from 3-4PM, but select clubs such as chess, newspaper writing, and yoga, take place during the Grades 1-5 lunch periods.  Enrollment is done through Flex on a first-come, first-serve basis for each session. 
    Usually, the Fall Session runs for 8 weeks starting in late September, the Winter Session runs 8 weeks starting in late January and the Spring Session runs 8 weeks starting in mid-April.
    Terms and Conditions
    Club Costs
    Fees per club vary and will be outlined in the listing of clubs for each session.   
    Registration period lasts for ten days. You must register your child for clubs during this period. In an effort to be fair to the entire Osborn community, no exceptions will be made outside of the registration period. Vendors are often contracted per student and contracts cannot be revised once registration is closed. Additionally, no refund requests will be accepted once registration closes.
    The PTO cannot issue refunds or credits for future sessions should your child decide to drop a club mid-session.
    Prior to registering, you may pre-register.
    If a class fills up early during registration week, you may email our ASC Coordinator and request to be on the wait list. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate additional children, but if possible, we make every effort to do so.
    All requests for scholarships must be made BEFORE registration begins.
    Please note that if your child is absent from school you don't need to do anything!
    On lunch club days, ALL children MUST BRING A PACKED LUNCH. If your child chooses to buy, they will be kept in the cafeteria to eat and will miss half of the club.
    Club Cancellations and Makeup Classes
    Flex reserves the right to cancel any club due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. In this case, a refund will be issued by check from Flex.  Once a club has started, there will be NO refunds, credits or changes permitted.  If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather or absence of an instructor, you will be notified by e-mail and a make-up date will be scheduled.
    Emergency Policy
    In the event of an emergency, my permission is granted to an Osborn appointed authority to obtain emergency medical care if I cannot be reached. Please notify the ASC Coordinator of any relevant medical conditions, including allergies. The school is unable to share this information with the ASC Coordinator or Flex.
    Pick­up Policy
    Pick-up time for all after school clubs is 4:00 PM sharp. We ask that you wait outside the front entrance of the school as the children will be escorted out by the instructor. Please be on time and use the same courtesy when picking up from After School Clubs that you would at regular pick­up, including not blocking in any parked cars.  Many faculty members are trying to leave at this time. Thank you for your cooperation!
    Please note that a $10 late pick­up fee per child will be STRICTLY enforced from day one of the clubs.  NO EXCUSES will be accepted!  Children will not be allowed back into the club(s) until the late fee is paid.
    Interested in Teaching a Class or Have an Idea?
    We are always open to new suggestions for clubs and would welcome parents to share their talents with our children by teaching a club. Please contact our ASC Coordinator.