Community Outreach & Giving

  • The Osborn School community has several programs to help members of the school community and also members of surrounding communities.
    Lend a Helping Hand
    Caring Committee
    The Caring Committee arranges for assistance to any Osborn family experiencing a crisis, such as a medical condition that impairs a family member, a death in the family, a fire, or any significant hardship.  We are looking for volunteer committee members who we can call on to help in the event of this type of situation. 

    There are no regularly scheduled meetings to attend, instead this committee springs into action only when needed.  At such time, volunteers will be contacted and asked to assist in any way they can by signing up for specific tasks.  Examples of services offered include providing meals, running errands, and assisting with transportation needs.  

    If you would like to be a part of this group, please contact the Committee Co-Chairs, Lynn Halpern and Meg O'Donnell.

    Community Outreach Committee
    The Community Outreach Committee organizes a number of food and clothing drives throughout the year for local organizations including the Carver Center, Bread of Life, Don Bosco, Children’s Collective, and the Sharing Shelf.  The Outreach Committee publicizes the drive and encourages all families to participate by bringing in needed items.  
    Fresh Produce Drives for Carver Center
    Every month on the first Thursday, Osborn School will collect fresh produce for the Carver Center. Please bring your donations with you to school. Donations need to be at the school by 9:20 am. There will be student representatives in the front lobby to receive the produce.
    Each grade should bring in produce from their assigned color. Examples are suggestions not mandatory. 
    • KindergartenRed fruits and veggies (ex. tomatoes, apples etc.)
    • 1st GradeOrange fruits and veggies (ex. oranges, baby carrots etc.)
    • 2nd Grade: Yellow fruits and veggies (ex. bananas, plantains etc.)
    • 3rd Grade Green fruits and veggies (ex. snap peas, broccoli etc.) 
    • 4th GradeBlue/Purple fruits and veggies (ex. blueberries, eggplant etc.)           
    • 5th GradeBrown/White fruits and veggies (ex. potatoes, cauliflower etc.)
    Food Drives for Bread of Life
    Twice a year, Osborn holds a food drive for local food pantry Bread of Life. Families are able to contribute needed food items or cash to the collection that is then delivered to the pantry.
    Brown Bag Lunch Project for Don Bosco
    At least once during the year, students in each grade will have the opportunity to make a hearty and healthy homemade lunch for a person in need at the Don Bosco soup kitchen in Port Chester.  Children are sent home with instructions and a brown paper bag to decorate.  The lunches are then collected at school and delivered to Don Bosco.
    Thanks so much for your generosity.