Welcome to Senior Internship

  • The Rye City School District, in an effort to further develop the relationships between students and the communities with which they interact, launched the pilot of the Rye High School Senior Internship program in 2010.  Initially a voluntary endeavor for which only a handful of seniors opted in, the number of 12th-graders electing to intern soon doubled from year to year.  In 2015, following a year in which over three-fourths of the entire senior class interned, the program became mandatory for all seniors.  

    The internship begins in mid-May, once the two-week AP testing period is completed.  It is a four-week program, with interns working approximately twenty hours a week, for a total of eighty hours.  Interns keep a log of their hours as well as a journal; additionally, upon the completion of the internship, interns conduct a presentation outlining their experiences.

    The Senior Internship Program provides our students with the opportunity to apply that which they have learned throughout their time in the Rye City Schools to areas of their individual interests.  It is our goal that the program will challenge students to expand their thinking and skills beyond the traditional academic conventions, and develop a hands-on understanding of learning and life through interacting with the community around them.