Excellence Team

  • In response to the NYS A New Compact for Learning,  the Rye City Board of Education commissioned and charged an Excellence Team Steering Committee to develop a plan that addressed cooperative planning and shared decision-making at the school level.  The Excellence Team has the ability to identify, plan, implement and evaluate issues that directly affect the quality of education at the school.  The Excellence Team may identify areas in the following broad categories:

    1. Student Achievement
      1. Practices of evaluation
      2. Articulation between elementary/middle/senior/college
    2. School Climate
      1. Learning environment for students
      2. Working conditions for faculty, staff, and administration
    3. Motivation of Faculty and Staff
      1. Recognition of faculty, staff, and administration
      2. Provision of resources
    4. Motivation of Students
      1. Formal programs
      2. Informal means
    5. Parental Involvement
      1. Strategies to broaden parental involvement and input
      2. Use of parent/ community resources in the classroom
      3. Promote school/parent partnerships
    6. Community Involvement
      1. Outreach programs to connect the school with the community
      2. Strategies to broaden community involvement and participation in the school
      3. Use of community volunteers to support specific educational programs or lessons
    7. Communication
      1. Strategies to promote clear communication among all stakeholders
    8. School Procedures and Practices
      1. School routines that impact students and are areas of need or concern, such as school scheduling, school rules, fundraising, field trips, health services, cafeteria, and food services
    9. Attendance and Discipline
      1. Parental awareness and support
      2. Student rights and responsibilities
    10. Curriculum
      1. Co-curricular/extracurricular events and activities
      2. Interscholastic athletes

    The Membership of the Excellence Team consists of one administrator, three teachers, three parents, one community representative, and three students, one from each grade.