Milton in the Know

  • What you need to know before the first day of school


    School Supplies

    Milton runs a fundraiser every year for the upcoming year’s school supplies.  Supplies must be ordered in the spring for the following fall. They can be purchased thru the PaySchools website found on the Milton School webpage. If you are new to Milton, the likelihood is that you will have missed the deadline for the coming year. 

    Summer Reading

    Books required are listed on the Milton website and are available in the Rye Free Reading room. They are also available to purchase at the Spring Book Fair.

    Drop-off/Pickup Procedures:

    Playground Supervision

    Playground supervision for all students begins at 8:15 am if the weather is good. Children must arrive after this time.

    Drop-Off Procedure

    The bell rings at 8:40 am, students enter the school by 8:45 am and classroom instruction begins immediately. 

    Arriving Late to School

    Any child who arrives after 8:45 am will be marked tardy. You may not escort your child to class if he/she is late. If your child has a morning appointment, please let the school know he/she will be late by calling the attendance line at 967-6100 and follow the voice prompts.

    Pick-Up Procedure

    Grades K-5 are dismissed at 3 pm. All families of children in grades K, 1, and 2 will pick up their children at the front steps where the teacher will dismiss them.  Grades 3-5 are dismissed through the side door. Kindergarten classes may be dismissed in a different manner during the month of September. Please refer to announcements in the Milton Bugle for specific instructions.

    Arriving Late to Pick Up Your Child

    When you arrive more than five minutes after your child’s dismissal, if your child is in grade K-2, your child will be waiting for you in the school secretary’s office. Please call the office if possible, so your child knows you are on the way.

    Picking Your Child Up Early

    When your child needs to leave school before regular dismissal, please send a note to your child’s teacher that morning. When you arrive at school, go to the front desk and sign your child out; the office will alert the teacher of your arrival. While it may not always be possible, please try to schedule appointments after the school day.


    Please report your child’s absence on the attendance line at 967-6100 (follow prompts to reach Milton School). If your child is out sick, please also e-mail your child’s teacher, and if your child has a contagious illness, such as strep throat, please leave a message for the school nurse. 


    Parking at the Milton School parking lot is for faculty and staff only. There are certain spots that are assigned - #'s1-8 and 53 and 54. Visitors and parents must park on the street. Hewlett Avenue is one-way from Milton Road to Forest Avenue from 8:00-9:00 am and again from 2:30-3:30 pm. There are drop off areas and cross walks that must be adhered to. There is a traffic assistant at drop off and pick up to assist the parents and students. Parents are urged to keep the drop off areas cleared of traffic and to keep their cars moving. Please make sure your child exits the car on the sidewalk side.

    Dress Code

    Students are not allowed to wear hats or clothing that carry offensive messages or are unsafe in any way.  Also, students may not wear tube tops, halter tops, cropped tops, or tops with spaghetti straps. Students may not wear shorts or skirts shorter than 4” above the knee. Students may not wear hazardous footwear such as flip flops, crocs or high heeled shoes.



    Almost all announcements and important information are sent out via our electronic newsletter – the Bugle. You should immediately get yourself signed up for this by sending an e-mail to
    There are also grade-specific e-mail distributions, which usually become active in October. This is handled by one parent for the grade and can be found under the Milton PTO tab of the Milton website once school starts.

    Text Remind

    A text reminder service that reminds you about key upcoming events and deadlines. Sign up for school wide or class texts. Read the Remind flyer here.

    Milton School Directories 

    The Milton School Directory is mobile and online at where you can keep your family's information up to date and order your directory.  The hard-copy directory is published by the PTO shortly after the beginning of the school year and includes listings of all families as well as class lists.

    Join the Rye City School District Newsletter

    Log on to this website and scroll down to subscribe to the Newsletter. This is important because announcements about school delays, snow days will come from here.

    Keep Emergency Contact Information Up-to-Date

    Milton maintains a database of emergency contact information for each student. The information includes home phone, cell phones, and numbers (and the order) for who should be called in case the parent or main caretaker cannot be reached in the case of an emergency dismissal.  Each family is required to complete an Emergency Contact Form when their child is enrolled.  If you did not complete this form, please stop by the main office to do so. If any of your emergency contact information should change in the future, please take a moment to contact the school secretary, Michele Johnson.

    PTO Meetings

    Please attend our monthly Parent Teacher Organization meetings! They’re a great way to meet new people and catch up with what’s happening at Milton. Dates are always in the Bugle calendar and are also listed in the Rye City School District calendar.

    Contacting Teachers

    The best way to contact teachers is through e-mail. If you need to speak with them in person, it is best to set up an appointment using e-mail.
    Teacher e-mails:
    Example: Mrs. Kelly Sheridan:
    Helpful Contact Information
    Milton School Main Office: 1-914-967-6100 x3901
    Milton School Nurse - TBD: 1-914-967-6100 x3930
    (You need to call if your child will be absent)

    Welcoming Committee Co-Chairs
    Allison Fadden
    Liz Woods  (914) 873-4177  

    PTO Co-Presidents 
    Lindsay Martin
    Tracy Curran


    School Lunch Accounts

    This service will give parents, via the internet, the ability to view their child's lunch account balance, allow for the ability to make online payments to the lunch account with a credit card, and view what purchases their child has made. To access the website for this service, visit PayPAMs at If you prefer not to make online payments, the service is still available for you to view balances and past purchases. There is a charge when deposits are made to a child's account; the fee is $1.95 per deposit regardless of the amount of the deposit. The program can also send automatic reminders to your e-mail address that the Energy Express Account needs to be replenished.

    Payment Policy

    An Energy Express Account is available for student and parent convenience. The Energy Express Account is a pre-paid debit account which incorporates a PIN (Personal Identification Number). The initial deposit is $50, and parents are notified when the account depletes. The students make their purchases and enter the PIN into a pad or biometric scan; the system will make the deduction from their account and update balances. The students are also informed when their accounts need replenishment. The Energy Express Account is a convenient and efficient program that takes away the stress of parents and students having to have cash available daily for food purchases. Use of the Energy Express Account also enables the lunch line to move more quickly, giving students more time to relax and eat. Cash is also accepted

    Wellness & Nutrition Committee

    The Rye City School District does have a Wellness and Nutrition Committee that is established and meets regularly to discuss changes that can better improve the overall wellness of students, faculty and the community. The Food Service Department works in conjunction with the Wellness and Nutrition Committee to continue to offer healthy food, beverage, snack and dessert choices. The Wellness and Nutrition Committee also evaluates improvements in Wellness Curriculum and daily physical activity to create a complete package to improve health.

    Type A Meal:

    The Type A meal is offered at all schools. It's considered to be the National School Lunch Program equivalent standard complete meal for each age group. The meal consists of the five components in the National School Lunch Program.

    A La Carte:

    All schools in The Rye City School District offer a wide selection of foods and beverages. The menu is based on a staple group of popular foods. Daily specials are also offered at most food service stations. Students may choose whatever they wish and every effort is made to prepare and offer healthy options. 


    Each cafeteria provides a wide selection of vegetable foods to provide a well-balanced lunch.

    Peanut Policy

    A number of children in the Rye City School District have allergies to peanuts and tree nuts.  We hope you will join us in ensuring a safe environment for all children.  To do this we are asking students to bring lunches and snacks free of peanuts and tree nuts.

    Extra Curriculars/Fun


    Milton has a great after-school club program! These clubs change from year to year but typically will include offerings in sports, arts, and other fun programs. An e-mail thru the Milton Bugle with club information usually comes out in September, and sometime in the winter for the spring. If there is still space available, you may be able to join a club mid-session.
    Concerts, Concert Attire

    Milton has two fall concerts for parents (Thanksgiving and Holiday) and one spring concert. The spring concert is generally for 4th and 5th grades only. Your child will be required to wear a white top (with collar for boys) and black/navy/dark pants or skirt/dress, so you may want to be on the lookout for a sale on black skirts or trousers!

    Don’t rush home from school after pickup!  Stay and meet other parents while your child(ren) play on what we call the Big Toy (and the Little Toy for smaller children)! Because there is no teacher aide supervision after school, children must be supervised by their parent(s) at this time.

    Musical Instruments/Chorus

    Your child will start playing the recorder in 3rd grade and has the option of choosing an instrument and playing in the band or orchestra in 4th and 5th grades. Your child may also join the chorus in the 4thand 5th grades. Please check with Dr. Amdur if you are arriving mid-year.

    Fall Social/Silent Auction

    This is a fun event and a chance to meet and mingle with other Milton parents. Keep an eye out for announcements about this event in The Bugle.

    Milton Fair

    Our annual Milton Fair is held in June and is one of the most fun and memorable days of the year for our kids.  You can get involved through volunteering, class donations and sponsorship.

    Halloween Parade

    Milton has an annual outdoor Halloween parade in which both students and teachers bring costumes to school and dress up. Parents are invited to this fun event, so look for the date in one of October’s announcements in the Bugle!

    Milton Calendar of Events

    Refer to the homepage of the school website


    Back To School Night

    This is a great chance to meet your child’s teacher and find out more about what his/her class will be doing for the year. At Back to School Night you will also be given a chance to sign up to help for various class parties or field trips.

    Open House

    During the school year, parents will be invited to spend the morning in their child’s classroom. At this time, parents will have the opportunity to observe and participate in the morning activities.

    Snow Days & School Closings:

    The School Superintendent will call each household in the event of a school closing or delayed opening. You can also call the district phone number 914-967-6100 and there will be a recording.

    PTO Committees

    Milton has lots of great ways for parents to get involved, and this is also a terrific way for new parents to meet other Milton parents. From volunteering at the Book Fair or our School Fair, or helping out with the Environmental, Wellness, or Cultural Enrichment committees, there is something for everyone.  For a complete list of Milton parent committees, see the Milton directory, the Milton e-board, or call/e-mail one of the PTO Co-Presidents.

    Holiday and year-end teacher gifts

    Most classes do organize collections for holiday and year-end teacher gifts, and so you do not have to do anything extra unless you want to.