Professional Learning

  • Purpose:
    The Rye City School District is committed to ongoing comprehensive professional development. Planned programs of activities coordinated by district and building leadership are related to the Common Core Learning Standards, the Rye City School District Strategic Priorities, differentiated instruction, effective teaching practices and departmental, building and district-wide initiatives. The district is committed to providing time and resources to support professional development on three levels. At the individual level, faculty members are encouraged to pursue interests that connect to professional knowledge and skills related to their instructional assignments. At the building level, teachers are encouraged to seek opportunities that meet established building goals and objectives. The district-wide level focuses on district goals and objectives.


    • To improve student performance in all academic disciplines.
      • Faculty in all disciplines will continue to implement the New York State Learning Standards, and incorporate differentiated and best practices to meet the needs of all learners. Professional development will support instruction aligned to the standards.
    • To meet the social, emotional and wellness needs of all students.
      • Faculty will expand their knowledge and proficiency of technology applications and hardware; including business/HR management systems, website accessibility and other technology resources provided by the district.
    • Faculty will develop a deeper understanding of the social, emotional, economic, and medical needs that could impact students’ behavior and academic success.
      • In order to excel in the 21st century, teachers will learn to utilize technology tools that are integral to performing their job responsibilities and engaging students in rigorous and differentiated learning experiences, which will promote the development of technological and informational literacy, life skills and social responsibility.


    • The Professional Development Plan was developed by a committee representing teachers, administrators, parents, and higher education institutions. The PD committee reviews and revises the plan and submits an updated revision of the PDP for Board of Education approval on an annual basis.
    • The Rye City School District’s Professional Development Program provides opportunities for teachers on the individual, building and district-wide level. Our focus is to improve student achievement with an emphasis on instruction, curriculum, and assessment.
    • The Planned Program of Professional Development is a tool to assist teachers in planning and keeping track of their professional development.

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