Milton Recess Program

  • At Milton School, recess is a critical component of the school day, giving students an opportunity to connect with friends, burn some energy and reinvigorate their bodies and minds for an afternoon of focused learning. Milton benefits from excellent outdoor play spaces, including a separate, fenced kindergarten play structure and concrete area, a state of the art “big toy” for grades 1-5, a large playing field, and an asphalt area for inclement weather use.  When outdoor recess is not possible due to rain, snow or freezing conditions, Milton students have access to the gym, auditorium, library and atrium.

    The PTO has invested generously over the past few years in ways to optimize the different recess locations to allow for as much active play as possible.  The PTO funds two external recess coordinators from a company called “Overtime Athletics” who arrive daily at Milton to coordinate group games, promote inclusiveness and healthy competition, and oversee stations of different activities for indoor recess. Our students enjoy many different types of equipment also purchased by the PTO, such as hula hoops, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, two basketball goals, and painted box ball courts.  For indoor recess, equipment was purchased such as bean bag games, hopscotch, relay games, drawing supplies, large and small scale board games and building blocks.

    A volunteer group of fifth graders, called the “Lunch Bunch” work with a parent and faculty liaison to design initiatives to make lunch and recess happy for all students.  The group identifies challenges and possible solutions.  Past projects have addressed inclusiveness; how to use the “Buddy Bench” to find a friend; school spirit, including a new cheer; the creation of student-friendly recess rules; the creation of a song and cafeteria sign about Table Manners; lost and found suggestions; lunch time karaoke; kindergarten/fifth grade buddy events; surveys about indoor recess improvements; and, a comment box for all students.