Health Care Services

  • The High School Health Office is staffed by Tracey Barnett, FNP and Samantha Anfuso, R.N.
    The Middle School Health Office is staffed by Liz Carty, R.N. Both offices are open daily from 8 AM TO 3 PM.

    Medical Clearance  

    All students must be medically cleared before they can try out for a sport. Online Sports Clearance registration through Family ID is required and available approximately 4 weeks before the start of each season.
    Injury or Out-of-School Five Days or More Due to Illness:
    • Medical clearance is immediately withdrawn.
    • Students must submit a Clearance Letter to the Health Office from the attending physician which states that the student is medically ready to return to his/her sport. This letter must also include the diagnosis, treatment, limitations, and restrictions.  
    By New York State Education Law, the school physician makes the final decision whether a student resumes participation in interscholastic sports.