National Collegiate Athletic Association

  • Do you wish to participate in NCAA Division I or II Athletics?

    If you wish to participate in NCAA Division I or II athletics, you need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center. You need to be cleared as an amateur student-athlete. You are responsible for achieving and protecting your eligibility status.

    Preparing to Participate in College Sports

    Follow These Tips:

    • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center (at at the beginning of your junior year.
    • Complete the amateurism questionnaire. Log in to and click on “Enter/Update Amateur Questionnaire7 Answer the questions as truthfully and completely as possible. Incomplete or incorrectly reported information can jeopardize your eligibility status.
    • Send your transcripts to the Eligibility Center! How?
    Print the Transcript Release Form, sign and take to your high school guidance counselor and ask the counselor to send your official transcripts to the Eligibility Center. Have your transcripts sent at the end of your junior year and immediately following high school graduation.
    • Send your test scores! How? Remember to enter “9999” code when registering for the SAT or ACT.
    • Request a final certification! Log back in during your senior year and update any new information to request final amateurism certification. Beginning April 1 for fall enrollees and beginning October 1 for spring enrollees.
    • Graduate “on time” from high school in eight semesters (4 years). This is a requirement if you want to participate in NCAA Division I athletics.
    • Ask your high school’s guidance department to update its list of NCAA-approved core courses. Please see the list of core-course requirements to the right.
    For a Complete List of Approved Core Courses:
    • Log on to NCAA Clearing House, Select “Prospective Student-Athletes.”  
    • Then select “List of Approved Core Courses” on the left side of the screen. Follow prompts to select a school by name.


  • NCAA Eligibility Center
    PO Box 7136
    Indianapolis, IN 46207-7136
    317-223-0700 or 877-262-1492