• Q: What are secure vestibule-style entrances?

  • Q: Why do we need upgraded fresh air ventilation and climate control?

  • Q: Why create permanent spaces to replace portable classroom trailers?


  • Q: When will the projects included in the bond be completed?

  • Q: What skills will our students need when they graduate?

  • Q: Why do we need spaces such as learning commons and innovation centers?

  • Q: What outdated spaces will be most notably updated to meet students’ current needs?

  • Q: In the drawings posted online and in the buildings it appears as if the new secure entry would take the place of the band and orchestra rooms in the MS/HS building. Is this this case?

  • Q: How will performing arts spaces at RMS/RHS be impacted by the capital bond proposal?


  • Q: Why is a bond the way to fund infrastructure and facilities repairs?

  • Q: Will the borrowing associated with the proposed bond affect the District’s AAA bond rating?

  • Q: Does Westchester County’s credit rating have any impact on the School District’s credit rating?

  • Q: What is the projected borrowing schedule for the proposed capital bond?

  • Q: What is the District’s current debt level? Is it prudent to take on more debt at this time?

  • Q: What is the tax impact of the bond?