• Strength and Conditioning Coach: Corey Crane

    Certified Strength and Condition Specialist – CSCS, Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified – SCCC, Certified
    Level I Coach by USA Track & Field

    Mission Statement:

    The Rye Strength & Conditioning program maximizes the athletic performance of Garnet student-athletes by using the most effective and efficient training techniques to compete injury-free at the highest level of competition. Our goal is to instill a sense of self-discipline, respect, and responsibility to achieve the ultimate goal of a team championship.


    The strength and conditioning program implements a variety of training techniques and philosophies: ranging from High-Intensity Training (HIT), Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Linear/Undulating Periodization, Funnel Principle, Response and Reaction Training and Sport Specific Metabolic Conditioning.

    There are five goals behind our program:

    1. Prehabilitation (Injury Prevention)
    2. Performance Enhancement
    3. Rehabilitation
    4. Mental Toughness
    5. Team Building