Public Use of District Facilities

  • As approved by the Rye City School District Board of Education:

    “While the Rye City School District’s school buildings and grounds are maintained primarily for the purpose of educating students within the district, the Board of Education recognizes that the buildings and grounds are a valuable community resource and believes that this resource should be available to the community for specific uses that will not interfere with educational activities. All uses of facilities shall be governed by and consistent with  Section 414 of the Education Law of New York State.”

    Below are the necessary documents that one would need to review in order to understand the policies and cost associated with requesting use of the Rye City School District Facilities.

    Public Use of District Facilities—Section 1500

    Public Use of District Facilities—Section 1500 Schedule I 

    Rye City School District Insurance Requirements 

    Public Use of District Facilities— Fee Information  

    Once you have read the above policies and cost information, for your organization to request use of the Rye City School District Facilities you must first register for a new account and then log in. There are video links to assist you in creating a new account as well as submitting a Facilities Use Request.

    View a video on how to create a new account here.

    (Click on image below.)

    Register for a new account

    View a video on how to submit a Facilities Use Request here.

    (Click on image below.)


    Log in and request space

    Requests must be made at least  7 days before the event. You can make a request in advance of the event date.

    Please Note: All Organizations that request space at the Rye City School District should ensure that you have a medical preparation plan and be able to execute it independently of school resources.  

    If you have any questions regarding Facilities Use Requests, please send an email to Yolanda Diaz at

    View the Facilities Use Calendar of Events