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    iC.A.R.E. is not a curriculum, but a mindset for teaching children about concern and respect, the foundation of character education. C.A.R.E. is an acronym for Concern And Respect Every day. Osborn has developed shared definitions for the words concern and respect, designed a logo, shared the initiative with children and parents, and planned ways to use the common language and expectations as our "way of life" at school. We use this language to:

    • Teach children about appropriate behaviors in social situations.
    • Enforce these behaviors through reflection.
    • Advocate for these behaviors by recognizing students when they demonstrate acts of concern and respect.
    • Model the expected behaviors

    The children and adults are part of the iC.A.R.E. TEAM!

    Our agreed upon definitions are:

    • Concern: care about someone else's happiness, as well as your own.
    • Respect: treating your community with kindness and fairness

    There are themes every month that connect to concern and respect and, during the designated months, the teachers read literature that supports the themes. Also, the adult iC.A.R.E. TEAM, which consists of parents, teachers, and administrators, creates opportunities for the Osborn community to participate in events that reinforce concern and respect every day.