Character Education

  • Responsive Classroom is a widely used, research-based approach to elementary education that increases academic achievement, fosters appropriate conduct, improves social skills, and leads to more high-quality instruction.

    What does Responsive Classroom look like at Milton?

    Many of our classes begin their day with a morning meeting.  Morning meeting is considered a “tip-off” to the day’s learning. This is an academic and social experience for children where they develop skills which are then extended into the school day.  Morning meeting promotes active listening, self-control, cooperation, and assertion, all of which are important life skills!

    Morning Meeting

    Four Components:

    • Greeting
    • Share
    • Activity
    • Message

    Why do we do Morning Meeting?

      • Creates a community of trust and respect
      • Sets up learning for the day
      • Allows children to begin their academics in a safe environment (circle of friends)
      • Offers an opportunity for self-reflection
      • Promotes social and academic skills:
      • Active listening
      • Self-control
      • Cooperation
      • Assertion
      • Organizing
      • Speaking clearly
      • Thoughtful questioning and respectful comments