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Welcome to the Rye City Schools Co-curricular Athletic Program! As always, it is an exciting time to be a part of the Rye Garnet Athletic community.

The Athletic program at Rye is an extension of the classroom and offers our students a unique opportunity to partake in an educational endeavor that is not offered in a traditional classroom setting.

Through participation in athletics, students are taught many life values and principles including, but not limited to, integrity, responsibility, accountability, healthy competition, cooperation, respect, sportsmanship and the importance of the team dynamic.

The Athletic Department’s goal is to help each student-athlete realize their full potential, not only as student-athletes but also as well-rounded individuals who are equipped to take on leadership roles in our global society.

The success of our comprehensive program is illustrated and validated by the continued achievement our student-athletes demonstrate in the classroom and in competition. We ask all of our student-athletes to take a leadership role in promoting sportsmanship and exhibiting positive character as representatives of our community.

I thank you for your interest and commitment to the Rye City School District’s athletic programs, and I look forward to another tremendous year of athletics. GO GARNETS!

To register for a sport, please click on the link for FamilyID.


Contacts & Emails

Susan Reid Dullea
Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics
914-967-6100 Ext 2070

Albert Mercado
Assistant to the Athletic Program
914-967-6100 Ext 2072  

Donna Sorkin
Senior Office Assistant
914-967-6100 Ext 2071

Teams & Schedules

Fall Teams

2 rows of athletes standing and kneeling
A group of athletes playing indoor volleyball
A group of athletes doing cheers on the football field
A group of athletes standing in a row on a field
A group of athletes playing football
A group of athletes sitting and standing on a track
A group of athletes standing in a row in front of a tennis court
A group of athletes diving into a pool in their individual lanes
A group of athletes playing soccer on a field

Winter Teams

2 rows of athletes standing and kneeling
2 athletes passing a baton in a relay race on an indoor track
An athlete playing squash
Squash athletes standing in a row
Indoor track athletes at the start of a race
4 ski athletes standing in a row
An athlete shooting a basketball towards a hoop
An athlete doing a flip into a swimming pool
2 athletes wrestling on a mat
Athletes playing ice hockey in a rink
2 rows of athletes in cheerleading uniforms

Spring Teams

Athletes playing lacrosse
A group of golf athletes standing in a row
And athlete throwing a pitch in baseball
A group of rugby athletes standing and kneeling in rows
3 golf athletes standing in a row
Athletes playing softball
Athletes with lacrosse sticks in a huddle
Athletes playing rugby