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Health Services

A group of nurses standing in 2 rows

Welcome to Health Services! Each school is staffed by a Registered Professional Nurse. 

During the school year, the health offices at the elementary schools are open from 8:15 AM to 3:15 PM. The Middle and High School Health Offices are open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. During the summer vacation, the health offices are closed. 

Any questions about the information below, please contact your school nurse.

Contacts & Emails

Tracey Barnett
Director of Health Services
Wellness Coordinator
914-967-6100 Ext 1180

Tricia Pearson
Midland School Nurse
914-967-6100 Ext 4050

Caroline Robertson  
Milton School
914-967-6100 Ext 6050

Kimberlee Potter
Osborn School Nurse
914-967-6100 Ext 5050

Elizabeth Carty
Rye Middle School Nurse
914-967-6100 Ext 3020

Samantha Anfuso
Rye High School Nurse
914-967-6100 Ext 2011

Roberta Billington
District Wide Nurse

Amy Kesavan
District Wide Nurse  

Desiree Sannino
Resurrection School Nurse 

Karen Scoli
Office Assistant
914-967-6100 Ext 2010

Athletic Trainers 

Erin Madden
Athletic Trainer
914-967-6100 Ext 2078