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A group of teachers sitting and watching an instructor using a Promethean board

Technology allows our teachers to infuse their classrooms with digital learning tools.

Building upon students' 21st-century skills, technology improves teaching and learning by increasing student engagement and motivation throughout rigorous, differentiated instruction.

To integrate technology into the curriculum, all learning spaces are equipped with desktop computers, Smart Boards, mobile technology, and Wi-Fi connectivity. iPads, laptops, Chromebooks, Apple TVs, 3D printers, as well as science probes and other dedicated hardware and software complete the standard classroom. Technology empowers students to become confident, independent critical thinkers, and enables learning anytime, anyplace, at any pace.

Contacts & Emails

Dr. Kaitlyn Sassone
Director of Technology/Chief Information Officer
914-967-6100 Ext 1150

Kimberly Persaud
Instructional Technology Coach Grades K-5
914-967-6100 Ext 1155

Caroleann Del Juidice
Instructional Technology Coach Grades 6-12
914-967-6100 Ext 1154

Meghan LaBella
Database Specialist
914-967-6100 Ext 1151

Michael Cudahy
Data Assistant
914-967-6100 Ext 1152