About Our School

  • Midland School is an outstanding elementary school located in Rye, New York.  The Midland School Community prides itself on excellence in leadership, student engagement, a rigorous curriculum, high quality teaching, parent involvement, and deep community support.  Midland School's success continues in an environment that is challenging and yet nurturing for its students.

    Our teachers have high expectations, yet are caring and willing to provide appropriate programs for children at all levels of learning.  Our instruction is characterized by a child-centered philosophy that recognizes that each individual is unique.  Our teachers have a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and personalities and bring multiple teaching methods, techniques and styles to each classroom, differentiating for the needs of the individual child.  However, each one shares the goal of success for all our students.

    Our students are caring and involved members of the community in which they live.  While the children of Midland strive for academic success, many are involved in other endeavors as well.  From drama to sports to volunteer work, the children in our community bring a sense of pride to the teachers and parents that love and care for them.  Through our character education program, students focus on traits such as empathy, responsibility and citizenship and it has helped to create a wonderfully caring and sensitive student body.  We are also fortunate that the diversity of our students provides a rich cultural awareness in each classroom.  Additionally, our students are some of the top performing in the state.

    Involving the family in the student’s education is one of Midland’s priorities.  Increasingly environmentally aware, we communicate electronically with parents when possible.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers via e-mail.  Teachers are always happy to schedule an appointment to speak with you about your child by phone or in person.  Through special programs and the efforts of our Parent Teacher Organization, the Midland community is informed of and included in their child’s education.  Our faculty and parents work together well beyond the conventional school day, providing the students with programs that enhance learning and showcase our accomplishments. 

    Midland School is successful because we all work harmoniously to promote an ideal academic and social environment for the children of our school.