Welcome to Kindergarten!

  • Kindergarten teachers at Midland hope to foster and guide your child in developing their

    • Social and academic confidence
    • Independence
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Feelings of importance and self-worth
    • Problem-solving skills

    Kindergarten Curriculum

    The Kindergarten curriculum is focused on early reading, writing and numerical skills. The curriculum is guided by New York State’s Common Core Curriculum.   Developing social confidence and learning behavioral skills necessary for school are also carefully integrated into the Kindergarten program.

    The Kindergarten School Day

    The Kindergarten school year begins with an abbreviated school day for the few weeks.  Please see the Midland school calendar as to the specific date when the full day Kindergarten begins.

    A typical Kindergarten day begins with a Morning Meeting that consists of routines such as the calendar, weather, and the number of days of school. Each day also includes a Reading Workshop, a Writing Workshop, and a Phonics Word Study session. Math is included each day and Science and Social Studies are thematically instructed throughout the week.

    Students also have two 30-minute Gym periods, two 30-minute Music periods, one 40-minute Art lesson, and one 40-minute Library visit each week.

    There are various opportunities for parents to be involved in the classroom throughout the year. These will be communicated to you as they approach by your teacher or the PTO.

    Kindergarten Field Trips and Special Events

    Field trips and events are planned by the teachers each year to enhance the curriculum and may change from year to year. Here is a list of typical Kindergarten events and field trips:

    • Rye Nature Center: In the fall, the Kindergarten visits the Nature Center for a guided nature walk. Students get to make their own apple cider.
    • Multicultural Celebration: Each December, parents provide a food appropriate to the family’s cultural background and join the Kindergarten class in a global celebration of heritage and culture.
    • Kindergarten Play: In the spring, you will be invited to see the entire Kindergarten class perform a musical play in the auditorium.
    • Beach Day: In the spring, students go to Oakland Beach with the Rye Nature Center.