Welcome to 1st Grade!

  • Language Arts

    We are currently using the Teacher’s College Units of Study in both Reading and Writing to guide our literacy instruction.  Our language arts program engages students in purposeful and enjoyable activities that integrate reading, writing, listening and speaking.

    Emergent readers are taught how to use and integrate their knowledge of letter sounds, context clues, and language. First graders also learn strategies for decoding new words.  Comprehension skills are taught throughout the year.

    Simultaneously, the children develop as writers by participating in teacher-guided writing lessons, writing in their journals, authoring their own books, and recording their observations. They learn how to organize their thoughts and express their ideas. Word-building activities strengthen their encoding skills. They become more aware of common spelling patterns and learn to spell frequently used words. Grammar, punctuation, and capitalization rules are emphasized throughout the year.

    Listening and speaking skills develop through many classroom opportunities.  The children participate in class discussions, follow directions, listen to books and share personal experiences and ideas as they interact with peers.

    Guided handwriting lessons are taught in the first few months of school.  Proper letter formation, spacing, and neatness are stressed.  Attention is also given to proper pencil grip.


    Through carefully sequenced lessons and activities, the children will study numeration, counting, operations, relations, geometry, measurement, patterns, and explore data.  The primary goal is to give children strategies to solve problems by developing a rich store of mathematical understanding and information.

    In the beginning, carefully designed games and activities introduce math concepts concretely using manipulatives.  As skills and understanding develop, the children will be introduced to the abstract symbolic representations of these concepts.

    Social Studies and Science

    Our curriculum is full of exciting social studies and science units.  As often as possible, children are involved in hands-on experiences incorporating language arts, math, music, and art. A major emphasis is placed on observing, classifying, organizing, and sharing ideas and understandings.  There are also whole class projects that encourage children to work together toward a common goal. 


    Homework will be assigned every night, Monday through Thursday.  It is a very important part of reinforcing what is learned during the school day.  Encourage your child to read the directions and develop a daily homework routine.  This is a great time to talk to your child about what he/she is learning in school.