Welcome to 2nd Grade!

  • Language Arts:

    Second-grade language arts program engages students in purposeful and enjoyable activities that integrate reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Second grade utilizes the workshop model in both reading and writing.  


    The model begins with children building a reading identity by setting goals and learning how to choose just right books. There is a review of strategies for decoding tricky words. As the year progresses, children are taught about the functions of non-fiction text features and begin to read for information. Building reading stamina is an important part of becoming a more independent reader throughout second grade.


    The philosophy behind writing workshop is to allow students to spend time writing throughout the year in the following genres: narrative, informative, opinion, and poetry. English, spelling, handwriting, and other mechanics are taught within writing workshop. Students learn the craft of writing through practice, conferring, and studying the craft of other authors. The ultimate goal of a writing workshop is always to develop life-long writers.

    Social Studies:

    The second-grade social studies curriculum includes geography and map skills. Other units of study include communities and how they change over time.


    Is hands-on and inquiry-based. Skills taught are predicting, observing, recording data, and questioning.


    The second-grade math curriculum is common core based. All teachers follow the same district program. Concepts include securing math facts through 20, adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers, money, time, measurement, graphing, and geometry.

    Homework expectations may include reading daily between 10-20 min., practice of a spelling skill, and reinforcement of the math skills taught in that day’s lesson.