Welcome to 4th Grade

  • In fourth grade, learning continues in all the core areas. In addition, students begin to focus more on interpretation and synthesizing facts to gain a greater understanding of the world around them. In mathematics, the curriculum includes multiplication with two and three-digit numbers and long division. As students work on longer-term research projects, they learn how to organize their time and resources to complete larger assignments.

    In fourth grade, geography and the history of New York State will open students’ eyes to the area around them and how local areas have changed and developed over time. Social studies instruction will provide a window into different histories and cultures. Science units focus on organizing ourselves for conducting Science, digestion, nutrients, food chains, food webs, simple machines, and finally, organization of the Earth. In Math 4th grade studies fractions, as well as multiple methods of learning multiplication and division, which provides students with a choice of methodologies to allow students to adopt mechanisms that work best for them. Fourth grade uses a workshop approach for literacy instruction.  

    Band, Orchestra and Chorus In fourth grade, students have the option to join the band or orchestra and/or the chorus (students can choose to play in the band or orchestra – not both – and/or sing in the chorus). Instrumental students (band and orchestra) will have a choice of instruments to learn and must register their instrument preference with the band or orchestra teachers at the end of third grade. Instruments may be rented from the school or from an outside rental company (more information will be available from the music teachers). All instrumental students will be pulled out of their classroom activities once per week to take a music lesson with other students playing the same instrument.