Welcome to 4th Grade

  • Fourth grade is an exciting year when students are expected to become more independent learners.  Teacher guidance provides the pathways for student exploration in all areas. In reading, students are exposed to a wide variety of genres in their “just right books.”  They continuously receive direct instruction on reading strategies in whole group and small group settings.  Students learn to infer, make connections, and draw conclusions in order to become more critical and proficient readers. Students are taught to write for various purposes and to express themselves through numerous formats.  Students follow teacher-directed models to learn to pre-write, revise, draft, and edit their work.  Students continue to use a writing rubric that helps them to understand what is expected and guides them to understand their individual strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

    The Math Expressions program is utilized by the Rye City School District and provides a conceptually- based program fostering higher-level thinking skills. Subject areas include place value, addition and subtraction of whole numbers, multiplication and division concepts, problem-solving, measurement, fractions, decimals, and geometry.   Enrichment and challenge work are always available to students as needed. Social Studies highlights the historical development of New York State.  The history of the state is taught in chronological order so that students can organize information and make connections.

    The Science 21 curriculum provides experiences that help students develop practice and apply critical thinking skills.  Hands-on experiments and projects enable students to understand how science connects to the world around them.  This year, students will “read to learn” about the world around them and their role in society.  All the disciplines throughout the year provide challenges for students to learn and achieve their potential.