RMS & RHS
    Superhero Fundraising Campaign
    Starts TODAY 
    Let’s celebrate the valiant efforts of teachers, students and staff to keep our schools safe and open by supporting 
    the RMS and RHS Parent Organizations. You can be a Superhero by donating online TODAY.
    This digital only fundraiser runs from
    TODAY through FRIDAY, April 23rd.
    The 2021 campaign replaces the annual Social and Silent Auction and will be the only RMS & RHS PO fundraiser of the year. While the virus is keeping us from seeing each other for a fun night out, we really hope that with this effort, we will continue Rye’s tradition of generously supporting our Parent Organizations.
    Your gifts will fund essential improvements to school facilities, need-based scholarships and enrichment opportunities for students. Over the past year, the PO’s have also covered unanticipated Covid-related expenses including, new HEPA filtration systems for school buildings and new outdoor seating around the middle school to allow for social distancing. 
    Thank you to our heroic corporate sponsors for taking part in this fundraiser and a special shout out to 9thgrader Sofie Fu for contributing her graphic design talents for this year’s awesome campaign logo.
    With gratitude, 
    Staci Ramachandran
    Stefanie Fu
    Heather Cabot Khemlani
    Molly Howson
    Ellen Saya
    RMS & RHS 2021 Fundraising Chairs 


  • The Parents’ Organization of Rye High School (RHSPO) seeks to promote educational excellence at Rye High School by supporting students, faculty and administration. Funds raised go towards new innovative academic programs, classroom enhancements, technology advancements and faculty professional development. RHSPO will also sponsor guest speakers, student social activities and community youth programs. We will provide updates to parents through PO meetings and newsletter announcements.

    Treasurer:  Ellen Saya
    Secretary: Natascha Feenstra
    RAISE President:  Doreen Zion
    Hospitality:  Veronica Iuliano
    Communication:  Annette McLoughlin

    General PO meetings: 10/14, 11/10, 12/9, 2/10, 3/10, 4/14, 5/12, 6/9 at 9:30 AM

    Zoom links to meetings will be posted.

PO Forms & Documents