• The Parents’ Organization of Rye High School (RHSPO) seeks to promote educational excellence at Rye High School by supporting students, faculty and administration. Funds raised go towards new innovative academic programs, classroom enhancements, technology advancements and faculty professional development. RHSPO will also sponsor guest speakers, student social activities and community youth programs. We will provide updates to parents through PO meetings and newsletter announcements.

    PO Representatives

    Co-President   Mo Brophy 

    Co-President   Kerri Condon Dehmer 

    Secretary   Margaret Bagley

    Hospitality   Veronica Iuliano

    Treasurer   Ellen Saya

    RAISE   Doreen Zion


    General PO meetings @ 10:00 am- MPR-Middle School:

    October 13th

    November 10th

    February 9th

    March 9th

    April 20th*

    May 11th

    June 8th

PO Forms & Documents