Welcome to the Science Department

  • The educational objective of the Rye High School science department is to educate our student population on a broad spectrum of scientific content and ensure they are aware of and prepared for the demands of the emerging fields of science in the 21st century.  It is our goal to teach students to think scientifically by offering a variety of classes that support current and future student interests.

    In each discipline, we try to impart our love of science by encouraging curiosity and science literacy through the various activities, labs, and experiences we provide to students.  These include data analysis projects, experimental design planning, and critical-thinking problem-based learning, in both a group and an individual environment.  Within our classrooms, students are challenged by their teachers and peers to achieve academic success in a way that will inspire new ideas.  We hope students will be able to use this knowledge as a springboard for their higher education. We truly believe that the world will look very different for students after learning science.