Welcome to the Rye School of Leadership

  • Serving students from Rye and the surrounding communities, the Rye School of Leadership (RSL) is a school of choice designed to acknowledge the diverse needs of secondary student. The RSL philosophy emphasizes attitude over aptitude, effort over achievement, and character over talent.

    RSL serves grades 9 through 12 by providing a small school setting for those students who, for a variety of reasons, are not achieving personal or academic success in a traditional school environment. The program offers the courses required by New York State for high school graduation while encouraging students to assume personal responsibility for their educational futures. Members of this character-driven community are urged to define and pursue short-and long-term goals, investigate the processes involved in problem-solving and decision making, and explore individual interests. The Rye School of Leadership is a family program; parental involvement is expected. Students considering this alternative should discuss the option and application procedures with their guidance counselors, or contact RSL directly.

    Rye School of Leadership Faculty and Staff:

    • Jennifer Fall, Director - English
    • Philip Verona - Social Studies
    • Melissa Marsden- Math, Special Education
    • Science, Art and Physical Education classes are taught on the Rye High School Campus.