Welcome to Guidance

  • Welcome to the Rye Middle School Guidance Department. 

    Scheduling Electives & Support Classes
    How Will a Student Get Everything He or She Needs

    There are 9 periods in a school day. English, social studies, math, science, world language, physical education, lunch and a 1/2 year instruction in health for grade 8, are subjects that are mandatory.
    Exploratories and electives are scheduled on availability and preference. However, there are exceptions if a student has an individual program or support classes, i.e., AIS, math lab, extended language arts.
    Typically students who need support classes integrate the class with physical education on alternating days.
    If students elect to take a second world language in addition to their current world language, they drop the following course choices: 
    • Grade 6: exploratories and music
    • Grade 7: art & technology
    • Grade 8: electives of their choice, depending on availability 


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