Welcome to FLES

  • We are pleased to inform you that your child will be part of FLES, an academically enriching award-winning program offered by The Rye City District.  FLES is an acronym for Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools and also referred to as Foreign Language Early Start. FLES is an introduction to Spanish language acquisition and embraces the pedagogical ideals of the Natural Language Approach and Total Physical Response (TPR) methods. The FLES Program in the Rye City School District focuses on the New York State Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Standards and content area standards. Our philosophy is aligned with the LOTE Standards for Check Point A. FLES represents an early start to checkpoint A studies. Check Point A will be completed in the middle school. Our program is considered a content-related program, which means interdisciplinary connections are made when the general education content can be applied to a foreign language theme. As a result, FLES instruction reinforces and enriches the skills learned in other subject areas. In addition, content coordinated lessons are tied to the school community whenever possible.  

    Students meet three times per week for 20 or 30 minute periods, depending on the grade level. Instruction is consistently conducted in the target language with minimal use of the native language. Comprehension of content is made possible through the usage of non-verbal cues such as gestures, mime, role-play, visuals, realia, intonation and body language. Content is presented in real life and content-related contexts. Language acquisition is fostered by communicative tasks including games, songs, rhymes, chants, and other hands-on activities. Topics are introduced in a way that appeals to different learning styles and addresses multiple intelligences. Instruction is differentiated and is scaffolded in such a way that learners become increasingly independent. Instruction also helps to strengthen skills learned in other disciplines such as graphing, patterning, classifying, acute listening skills, geography skills, global awareness, etc. Lessons are highly communicative and dynamic.  Instruction is age level appropriate, taking into consideration level of language experience, as well as student interest. Lessons are designed to address diverse learning styles and needs. By integrating foreign language learning in the existing curriculum in the Rye City School District, we are not only reinforcing the content areas, but also empowering our students with the linguistic and cultural tools needed in today's increasingly competitive and diversified marketplace. 

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