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Additional Advanced Placement Testing Information from the College Board

Dear RHS Parents and Guardians, 

Today, the College Board announced more information regarding its plans for the 2020 Advanced Placement testing. The key information is outlined below. More detailed information is available on the College Board website by clicking here:

AP Test Dates: May 11th - May 22nd

Late Test Dates: June 1st - 5th

Testing location: Students will test at home, or in school if we are in session, following the College Board test schedule above.  If tests are administered at school, the District will provide Chromebooks for test-taking.

Testing schedule: Tests will be administered following a specific test schedule at 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, and 4:00 pm. All tests will be 45 minutes in length. A timer will be visible to test takers on the screen. Tests must be submitted during the time limit.

Access: Students will be able to log in to take the tests via computers, tablets, or smartphones. Students can choose to handwrite answers and upload the written document or type out their answer and upload the answer.

Accommodations:  All students with approved College Board accommodations will have those automatically built into the platform for each of their exams.

Security Measures:  The College Board will be using sophisticated fraud protections to guard against cheating.  The tests will screen for Google content and textbook answers and will employ anti-plagiarism software. Test questions will ask students to apply knowledge of content, and there will be no multiple-choice questions. Students may use notes, but the College Board has safeguards in place to ensure students do not collaborate with others during test-taking. Additional security measures only known to the College Board will also be used to screen test-takers and discover any use of chat rooms. Teachers will receive copies of student answers beginning on May 26th and will provide an additional security review.

Consequences of Cheating:  Students found cheating will be reported to all colleges/universities they have requested College Board scores be sent to.

Resources for Teachers:  AP teachers will have access to the types of questions for each exam. For example, for the AP English Language exam, the traditional free-response question #2, the Rhetorical Analysis question, will be used.

Refunds: Rye High School will issue refunds for students who no longer wish to sit for exams.

We will share any additional information as soon as it is available. In the meantime, please feel free to contact either one of us with any additional questions.

Patricia B. Taylor

James O’Hara
Director of Guidance