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Milton Student Placement Form

April 20, 2020

Dear Milton Families, 

During May and early June, teachers, administrators, and support staff begin the process of grouping students for placement into classrooms for the next school year. Although we will conduct this process remotely this year, we continue to take this process seriously, with each student’s placement thoroughly and thoughtfully considered. Our goal is to place students in what we believe is the best learning and social environment, while considering students’ academic strengths and needs, social and emotional qualities, and behavioral dynamics. Your child’s current classroom teacher, special area teachers, and related support staff have a wealth of information about how your child learns best that we take into account during this process.

Your child and his/her school success is very important to us and we welcome any additional information about your child that you feel will help us regarding his/her placement, including any feedback you may have shared with us in previous years. Since the placement team does not hold on to previous placement letters a new form must be completed each year. If you choose to share information, please complete the Google form linked below to provide your feedback and submit it by Thursday, April 30th.  Please note this form cannot be used to request a specific teacher, but provides you with the opportunity to share information about your child that may be beneficial for us to know during the placement process. The information on the form will be shared with the teachers on the placement teams. Please complete a separate Google form for each of your children. Click here to complete the form. 

Unfortunately, specific teacher requests or requests for your child to be placed in a classroom with specific children can not be honored.  Also, please keep in mind that current teacher grade-level assignments are subject to change as student enrollment fluctuates year to year.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please be assured that every child’s placement will be carefully considered.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

We are looking forward to another positive and productive school year in 2020-21.

Thank you,

Dr. JoAnne Nardone, Principal
Milton School