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National Teacher Appreciation Week and Day

Dear RCSD Parents and Guardians,

This week marks National Teacher Appreciation Week, with National Teacher Appreciation Day taking place tomorrow, Tuesday, May 5. In normal circumstances, students and parents would be able to thank teachers in person. Now that our connections are all remote, it would mean so much to teachers to hear from you. If you or your children are able to write a short email, I know it would mean the world to our teachers.

I am grateful for all of my teaching colleagues who give so much to the children of Rye each and every day. Now more now than ever, they are being asked to do the extraordinary. They have had to figure out how to educate virtually. They have had to navigate new technology and, in many cases, dramatically modify lesson plans. All while some are experiencing tremendous disruption in their own lives. Please join me in saying "thank you" to our teachers for their dedication and commitment.

Eric Byrne, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools