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RCSD Community Update on the First Week of School

September 11, 2020

Dear Rye Community,

For many of us, the first days of school this year have been slightly surreal. While we all have a concept of what school looks like based on our personal experiences as students, teachers, and parents, none of us know what school actually is during a global pandemic. We all crave and seek normalcy, certainty, and predictability. What I have learned this week is that each and every new school day - be it in-person or remote -  provides us with new insights into how we can better work together to forge ahead in this new hybrid school environment.

We know we are asking a lot of our children, families, faculty, and staff as we work to create a new way of schooling and deliver excellent educational programming. The more comfortable we all become with the new protocols and procedures necessary to ensure everyone’s safety, the easier it will be to focus solely on education. It is my hope that our collective anxieties will begin to wane as we become more efficient at health and safety measures and schedules become routine. While we work toward that end, it is critical that we keep the lines of communication open to provide feedback on what is working and what can be improved upon and to clear up any confusion. Please contact your children’s teacher(s) and/or principals with any questions or concerns; every question is important and we are here to assist and support you on this journey. For our teaching colleagues, please bring your ideas and suggestions to administrators. For all, please use the email address for more general questions and/or comments.

A few simple reminders will help us continue to improve each day. Please be sure to complete the daily health screening form each morning/afternoon/day your child attends school in-person, and submit it by the school’s deadline. It can be completed online or printed out on paper. We will continue to send daily email reminders to fill out the form next week. After that, filling out the form will hopefully have become a part of your morning routine. Face masks must be worn in our schools. Be sure that masks are appropriate (no bandanas or gaiters, please) and fit well. We do have a supply of masks on hand for students and staff who forget them or arrive with ill-fitting or inappropriate masks. Daily attendance reporting is very important, especially given the challenges of COVID-19. For school-specific attendance contact information, please visit the Health and Wellness page of the reopening section of the school district website.

Thank you again for your flexibility and support in making the first days of school successful. We look forward to our first full week of hybrid school next week and to upcoming virtual back to school night programs. You will be receiving more information on those nights from your school’s principal. Have a wonderful weekend.

Best regards,

Eric Byrne, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools