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Letter from the Superintendent Regarding Events in Washington, D.C.

January 6, 2021

Dear RCSD Parents and Guardians,

It is likely that your children may have seen or heard news of the violent acts at the U.S. Capital today. The images are disturbing and may be difficult for children (and adults) to process and could result in anxiety or fear. When you add this to the stresses already in place due to the pandemic, the result is that some members of our school community may be experiencing feelings of instability and upset.

If your students need to speak to someone about their concerns, please reach out to one of our school counselors, psychologists, or social workers. Contact information is below. Teachers and administrators will remain watchful of your children during school-related discussions about current events. Please share any concerns you have about your children with their teachers, school psychologists, guidance counselors, and/or administrators. 

The RCSD's mission is to support the children of Rye. The school district is more than a collection of buildings; it is a respectful community where acceptance and tolerance are foundational pillars.  As a community, it is critical that we stand together, support each other, listen to each other, and condemn acts of violence. Please reach out if we can be of assistance.


Eric Byrne, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

RCSD School Psychologists and Social Workers

Sandra Degenhardt, RHS Social Worker,

Amanda Delaney, RHS School Psychologist, 914-967-6100, ext. 1214 or

Robert Schecter, RHS School Psychologist, 914-967-6100, ext. 1216 or

Peter Green, RMS Social Worker, 91-967-6100, ext. 2212 or

Dr. Erin Hyle, RMS School Psychologist, 914-967-6100, ext. 3216 or

Dr. Anat Mor, Midland School Psychologist, 914-967-6100, ext. 4202 or

Joanna Diaco, Milton School Psychologist 914-967-6100, ext. 3244 or

Concettina Pizzuti, Osborn School Psychologist,