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RHS Reopening Updates

September 4, 2020

Dear Students & Parents,

I hope you are all continuing to enjoy these last fleeting days of summer.  It’s been nice to see many of you at our Q&A sessions these last couple of weeks, and all of us here at the school are looking very much forward to welcoming everyone back on Tuesday.  Here in the building, we’ve continued to work diligently to ensure that everyone can return safely.  Toward that end, please review the following updates and reminders:

September 8 & 9:

The first two days of school will be half-days on which we will be running a modified bell schedule.  On Tuesday, September 8th, all students in group A will report to the building and follow their daily schedule.  Students in group B will also follow their daily schedule, but will be joining remotely as their classes are live-streamed. 

Schedule for Tuesday, September 8 (DAY 1)

Schedule for Wednesday, September 9 (DAY 2)

Reminder - Because students in group B will be attending remotely on the first day, teachers will be sending invitations and links through Classroom or email.  The links are still in the process of being posted for some classes; please be sure to check Classroom and your email throughout the weekend. 

Fully Remote Students:

As with those students in group B, please be sure to check your Classroom and email for the links to access your classes on Tuesday.  Textbooks and other supplies will be gathered from each of your classes and will be compiled for each student.  Additional information regarding when and how students can collect these will be forthcoming.

Class Sizes:

Due to the need to maintain social distance in each room, class enrollments are being carefully monitored.  Recent requests for schedule changes have resulted in seat imbalances which threaten our ability to maintain the recommended distance between desks.  As we work to resolve isolated space issues, there is a temporary freeze on all schedule changes.  We anticipate this being lifted next week, at which point students may avail themselves of the traditional add/drop process.  Adjustments are still being made to the room assignments for some classes.  Therefore, it is imperative that all students re-check their respective schedules in the portal prior to the first day.  As we continue to work over the weekend, it is recommended that students make a final check of their schedule on Monday, September 7th

Morning Arrival:

Students may begin entering the building at 7:30am and must use grade-specific entrances as follows:

Grade 9 – Front door (main entrance)

Grade 10 –Rear entrance of the science wing

Grade 11 – Front entrance of the science wing

Grade 12 - Rear entrance to the PAC (through the science courtyard)

Regardless of grade, all students arriving late (after 8:00am) must enter through the front door/main entrance.  Each student must submit a health questionnaire form prior to arrival.  Staff members will be stationed at each entrance to greet students and check their health forms.  Additional information and procedures regarding access and submission will be forthcoming from the district. 


All students are permitted to leave the building immediately following their last class each day.  Students are encouraged to exit through the nearest available door; they need not return to the door through which they entered. 

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device):

Please be reminded that students are required to bring their own devices to school each day.  Appropriate devices include, but are not limited to: laptops, chromebooks, ipads, and surface pros.  Now, in this hybrid learning model, it is more important than ever that all students bring their devices in order to ensure they can fully access instructional materials and engage in the lesson.  


As was noted during our student Q&A session, we are still missing numerous textbooks from across virtually all disciplines.  Any students who still have books from last year, kindly bring them with you on Tuesday and return them to the bin located outside assistant principals’ office.  

Once again, I would like to reiterate how the faculty, staff, and administrators are all looking forward to seeing you next week!  The days and weeks ahead will no doubt bring some unexpected surprises and challenges, but we are most certainly strong enough to navigate them together as a school community.  I wish you all a restful and pleasant holiday weekend.


Stay Well,

Derek Schuelein

Principal, RHS