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AP Exams - Digital Platform

April 20, 2021

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

Please take these steps now to prepare for your Digital AP Exams next month.  

  1.  Download Digital AP Exam App -  The College Board very recently released the digital application that will be used for at-home exams.  Once downloaded, you can begin practicing. Please note that the app. must be downloaded on a laptop or desktop.  
  2. Read the Digital Testing Requirements (At-Home Digital, In-School Digital) to make sure you are prepared for exam day. All additional digital requirements are listed here.  

  3. Review Your AP Schedule, and plan ahead!  
  4. Test Day Check In - On the day of your exam, you must check in 30 minutes before your exam starts.


Jim G. O'Hara, Director of Counseling

Suzanne K. Short, Assistant Principal